Okey, this will be very different from the usual travel, picture-filled content I like to share but here goes nothing. I need a rant.

Any multi-lingual ninjas here?

Ever find yourself in a position where someone who speaks one language looks at you funny for mispronouncing a word in their language and you just stand there feeling like an idiot while being able to translate the word idiot into 2/3/etc other languages?

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Edinburgh’s Christmas

With Christmas quickly approaching, what best to do than spend the days off wandering through the incomparably festive Christmas markets. Whoever first came up with the idea, I commend you, you certainly deserve a pat on the back. These amazing ‘get-together’s’ have certainly become a big deal in most cities and there is no better way to get into the festive spirit.

Last year we visited the amazing Koln markets in Germany. The time spent there was, hands down, amazing ! You can read the very detailed blog post about that trip here.

This year, however, we stayed closer to home and visited none other than beautiful Scotland! We stayed in Glasgow, which is a blog post of its own, but right now I wish to talk briefly about the amazing day spent at the Edinburgh markets.


Let me just start by saying that Edinburgh can certainly do Christmas. We, sadly, did not get the chance to visit every single attraction because there are many, to say the least. But hey, if you have the time and the energy I take my hat off for you and say go for it! Do report back and let me know how it goes, I’d bet that would make a most amazing day.


Anyway, all waffle aside, we visited the Christmas Market and Attractions on Princes Street Gardens along with the Santa Land. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the name! The main market and attractions was exactly what the name suggests but so, so, so big. Street after street was full of stall after stall of the most amazing festive crafts, gifts and, my personal favorite, food. You are certainly spoiled for choice.

The part I was most excited for, besides the food, obviously, was the Santa Land, namely the Christmas tree maze. I mean, how amazing does that sound?! And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, a maze made entirely out of Christmas trees, decorated beautifully with lights. It is guaranteed to bring a smile even on the biggest Grinch.


And of course, that is not all. The place is full of various rides and attractions, including a big ferris wheel, merry go rounds and much more. It’s simply wonderful.

That is, of course, not all. Just a short walk away there are many more smaller clusters of stalls and attractions such as ice skating, Santa’s grotto and much more.


So this is all I have to say for now, just a quick sum up of the amazing Edinburgh’s Christmas. It’s definitely a place worth visiting for the fun, as well as the beautiful city.

What Christmas markets did you visit this year?


Life Update

So I guess it’s pretty obvious by my lack of activity here for the past SIX MONTHS that I have been busy. I thought that instead of just resuming posting like nothing happened I’d write a personal little Life Update and have a little catch up.


My Summer has been intense with me first having no work for all of the month of June and then over-working myself from mid-July till September. I work as an agency health care assistant so shifts and work is inconsistent, especially during the Summer months. Due to that I went from sitting on my couch, feeling awful for having no work and my husband being the only one covering the bills, to working 4-6 12-hour shifts every week for a month and a half. It’s safe to safe I wasn’t feeling inspired.


We had such high hopes and numerous plans for trips this Summer and while some did not happen, others completely exceeded my expectations! From mini day road-trips around Ireland with close friends, to another spontaneous trip to England for my birthday (spending B-Day in the UK is becoming a little tradition I am getting to really love), to a week in beautiful sunny Lagos in Portugal, this Summer was filled with the most wonderful memories.


Okey, so this is where it gets real. Being a student is hard. Being an adult is damn hard! Some time around last year I definitely lost sight of what I was doing and why. I do Midwifery in Trinity college and boy is it hard. Between college/clinical placement, assignments, exam prep and work (yes, sometimes all of these happen all at once), it is very easy to forget that I love it. More often now I find myself under pressure. This semester alone, I had about 3 mental breakdowns.

However, with clinical placement done (whoo), dissertation submitted (OMG!!) and a few exams done (2 more finals to be done, fingers crossed!), I am starting to feel a bit more like myself again.


So the question remains: Why the silence? Honestly, I have been feeling very…uninspired lately. It was a mix of everything- stress, tiredness, laziness, and just generally not having what to post. However, that is about to change as I have multiple ideas for blog posts as well as a new theme (do you like it?).

So here’s to hoping you enjoy it!